Developed by the Center for Knowledge Management at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, SPI-Hub™ enables you to:

  1. Search by:
      I. "Journal" -- retrieves an individual title and identifies 25 scholarly criteria for quality assessment
      II. "Topic" -- identifies journals in which to publish based on users' research topics
      III. "Author" -- allows users to identify scholarly journals in which colleagues in their field of interest/research publish
      IV. "My Citations" -- retrieves journals from both a personal citation library and a curriculum vitae

      Options II., III., and IV. retain the capability of reviewing the 25 scholarly criteria described on the search by "Journal" option I.

  2. Explore other free "Resources" available to prospective authors

  3. View Tutorials

  4. "Contact Us" -- allows users to suggest journals to add to our database, send us feedback, and view users' frequently asked questions

SPI-Hub™ provides indicators of journal scholarship expressed through metadata in 25 fields (e.g., indexing status in biomedical databases, stated adherence to publishing policies/best practices, reporting of open access policies such as fees and licensing options), which can be viewed throughout SPI-Hub™ by simply selecting a journal title.

Note: Informational icons are used throughout the SPI-Hub™ site to provide additional needed details.

A yellow Help button SPI-Hub™ feature allows authors to identify journals that may require careful review due to the information reported in either key SPI-Hub™ data fields and/or journal publication site(s). The team's plan is to regularly review these journals for any change of status, as some of the SPI-Hub™ data fields (e.g., MEDLINE indexing status, inclusion in the Directory of Open Access Journals) may take years to fully implement.

Koonce TY, Blasingame MN, Zhao J, Williams AM, Su J, DesAutels SJ, Giuse DA, Clark JD, Fox ZE, Giuse NB. SPI-Hub™: A Gateway to Scholarly Publishing Information. J Med Libr Assoc. 2020 Apr;108(2):286-294.

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